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Sublimation Blank Slide Sandals White

Sublimation Blank Slide Sandals White

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Sublimation Blank White Slide Sandals

These are comfortable DIY Sublimation Slide Sandals that you can add any design you want.

Top of shoe:
Artificial Leather
Base of shoe:
EVA- Ethlyene vinyl acetate

Sizes:These are in Euro size- see compatible to USA.

Men. Woman

40 = 7.5 6.5
41 = 8 7
42 = 9 8
43 = 10 9
44 = 10.5 9.5

I recommend if your a Beginner in Sublimation that you only sublimate a design in the middle of shoe and leave the leather part of the shoe white, instead of trying to change the whole leather part a different color.

If your advanced in Sublimation, Take your skills to the test. They turn out GREAT!

*NOTE* Do not let the Black plastic side pieces hit the heat press or they will melt. Recommendation- put leather piece at a diagonal at corner piece of heat press. (See picture in photos.

*NOTE* You do need needle nose pliers to pull side pieces thru shoe.(See picture in photos)

1. Put your mirrored print on shoe with heat tape
Long edge of shoe goes near the top part of foot. Smaller curve goes at toes. There is a right and left piece. (Sticker on shoe to verify)
You want your print to face outward so if your looking down at shoe the print would be upside down. But people looking at ur shoe will see it right side up.

2. Put leather piece at corner of heat press(see picture) or use a cricut mini heat press.

3. Press 390 F 60 seconds medium pressure

4. Use needle nose pliers to stretch out each hole to make it easier to pull plastic piece thru hole.

5. Take needle nose pliers to pull pieces thru each hole. This does take a little strength to do.

They turn out Beautiful.

Temp:390 F
Time: 60 seconds
Pressure: Medium

Recommendations are just a recommendation as all heat presses run differently.
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